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The Case of Jessica Cototl

Jessica Cototl, a student at Kennesaw State University, was in danger of being removed from US a week from her graduation. Ms. Cototl was born in Mexico and entered the US illegally when she was 11. In March 2010, she was stopped by police for traffic violation and could not produce US diver license. Soon after, she was arrested and turned over to immigration officials. According to CNN.com, in May of 2011,  ICE (immigration and custom enforcement) has allowed her to stay in US until her graduation. However, even with this decision, Ms. Cototl will have to leave US when her one year extension is up.

The purpose of the DREAM ACT was to create a new pathway for citizenship for children who were illegally entered into the US before the age 0f 16. The blocking of the act in Senate in Dec. 2010 denied immigrants such as Jessica Cototl a pathway to become US citizen and stay in the US.   The proposed act was:

Six-year conditional status will be granted to immigrants who (1) entered the US illegally as  children under the age of 16, (2) have lived in US for at least five years, (3) obtained a high school or General Education Development diploma and (4) demonstrated “good moral character.
To apply for permanent residency (green card), the immigrant would need either: (1) attend  college or (2) serve in the military for at least two years and pass criminal background checks.
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