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Excerpt From Interview By Maria Prato

A couple weeks back, I was interviewed by Maria Prato of Home News Tribune. Below is an excerpt from that interview:

“For a few, having the right to cast a ballot or the opportunity to travel is all the persuasion they need to evolve from permanent resident status to citizen, said Marco Son, a partner at the Iselin law firm of Son and Keum, which spe­cializes in immigration law. But for many of Son’s clients, citizenship means they no longer have to fear deportation or losing their status of permanent resi­dency, which can result from something as simple as committing a misde­meanor. Citizenship is also a means to sponsor other family members who are looking to permanently live on U.S. soil, he said.”

Since that interview, I had been wondering what are the reason immigrants apply for citizenship. I have set up a poll and is interested in your view and opinion as to why immigrants would want to become citizen.

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