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LCA Denial: FEIN Could Not Be Verified

The first step to applying for many work visa (H1B, H1B1, and E3) is the filing of the Labor Condition Application (“LCA”). One common problem faced by companies of all sizes is a denial because Labor of Department (“DOL”)could not verify the FEIN number. Unfortunately, the current remedy for this problem is to provide the DOL with one of the following documents:

(1) Documentation from IRS noting assignment of FEIN.

(2) Federal or State tax return (only acceptable with a pre-printed label) or a pre-printed tax coupon.

(3) Documentation from employer’s financial institution showing employer’s FEIN.

(4) Articles of incorporation, business license, or other certifications of business existence.

(5) Secretary of State registration.

(6) Official and/or government documents.

(7) Other documentation showing the FEIN and name of the employer.

Due to the common occurence of this problem, I would suggest all company that is preparing to file for an LCA to prepare the documents listed above. This would not only save time but help avoid anxiety later in the process when facing a denial.

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